Stretch MARKS

stretch-marksOCTOBER 17 – NOVEMBER 3, 2013 – Next Act Theatre

Sally Marks

Sally Marks

Stretch MARKS is a theatre fete honoring the life and talents of Sally Marks.  The fete is a series of six new works from playwrights who are both emerging and established from all over the world.  Presented in a Readers Theatre format, Stretch MARKS features local actors guided by local Directors.  Each new play will be presented twice.  Audience votes determine which new work will be presented in additional cities under the UPROOTED Theatre umbrella.


The Play Finalist-


Six Days of Grace by Dave Begel

directed by Dennis F. Johnson

10/17/13 (7p), 10/26/13 (7p)

BANG Autobiography by Kurt McGinnis Brown

directed by Dennis F. Johnson

10/25/13 (7p), 11/03/13 (2p)

The Man from Madisonville by William Jackson Harper

directed by Dennis F. Johnson and Marti Gobel

10/24/13 (7p), 11/02/13 (7p)

Flying Through Blue by Lisa Halpern

directed by Jim Pickering

10/18/13 (7p), 10/31/13 (7p)

Veil by Zwai Mgijima

directed by Marti Gobel

10/20/13 (2p), 11/01/13 (7p)

Blue Bullets by Alvaro Saar Rios

directed by Marti Gobel

10/19/13 (7p), 10/27/13 (2p)

Our deepest thanks to all who submitted.  It was an honor to read your work.